The Oracle (St. Paul, MN)
DIY filmmaker connects with students

PSU Vanguard
Cory’s creative crowdsourcing concept

Wax! Crackle! Pop! (radio interview/podcast)
Two Hours to Jupiter with Cory McAbee

Boulder Weekly (USA)
Forget the Stars, Aim for Right Here (Small Star Seminar Comes to IFS)

Twitch Film (Canada)
“Experience The Marvelous Oddity Of Cory McAbee’s Small Star Seminar”

Hymn Interview – Sweden
Mångsysslaren Cory Mcabee utforskar det amerikanska psyket

Radio Why Not – Russia
Кори МакЭби выпустил сольный альбом “Small Star Seminar”

Smallest Star Seminar – 36th Song Festival Poster. Wrocław, Poland
Cory McAbee: One Man Show by Przemek Jurek  March 25, 2015 –