Polish: Translation by 36th Stage Songs Review /Wrocławski Teatr Współczesny

Russian: Translation by Kot Igrun

Spanish: Translation provided by Arturo Pons

Korean: Translation provided by 김인구

Swedish: Translation provided by Felix Lindén

Persian: Translation provided by Atousa Bendeh

Romanian: Translation provided by Alin and Carolyn Blake

French: Translation provided by camillelvis

Hungarian: Translation by András Borbíró

Maltese translation by Carmen Camilleri Peters and her son Gerald.

Swahili: Translation by Catherine Gathu and Margarita Mwai. Submitted by Mark Brecke.

Estonian: Translation by Aapo Ilves. Submitted by Eneli Rohtla.

Icelandic: Translation by Gunnar Theodór.

Japanese translation by Beata Świtek and Momoko Kohgi (桃子 神木). Submitted by Reuben Smart

Chinese: Translation by Ruqing Pan. Submitted by Avi Zev Weider

German translation by Hans Tammen.

Portuguese: Translation by Bianca Hisse and Simone Martins.

Hindi: Translation by Jessica York and Prakash Verma.

Hebrew: Translation by Amit Itzcar.

Dutch: Translation by Jan Doense.

Danish: Translation by Jonas Kim Jakobsen of Copenhagen.