In 2012 Cory McAbee began the global arts collaborative, Captain Ahab’s Motorcycle Club. This international collective is now producing elements for a feature film called Deep Astronomy. The film is the story of a singing motivational speaker who, as the result of an injury, discovers a supernatural realm that hides within us all. He presents his discoveries to the public through a series of musical self-help seminars where he urges people to give up their goals, stop reaching for the stars and start looking for the stars within their own minds. In doing so he develops a new genre of outsider-science called the “Romantic Sciences” which involves theories of “Deep Astronomy” and “Transdimensionality.” In the hands of others his ideas become profitable while he himself falls into ruin and obscurity.

This project has been featured and developed in part through the Sundance Film Festival, NY Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival, Lincoln Center Film Society, Reykjavik Film International Festival, 36th Stage Songs Review (Wrocław, Poland) and Marfa Film Festival. It is being written and directed by Cory McAbee with the support and participation of collaborators around the world.